Monday, May 11, 2009

Tea in the Library by Annette Freeman

Fulfilling the dream of many a book-lover, Annette Freeman steps bravely outside her 30 year comfort zone as a CBD lawyer to follow her passion to open a splendid bookshop café in the busy heart of Sydney. Tea in the Library quickly became a sought after haven for literary debate and a cosy forum for writers. But - behind the scenes anxieties small and large were festering as were frustrations and endless challenges. Welcome to retail! [From the publisher]

This was an interesting read. Annette Freeman's dream was to create a bookshop that would be part-library (the sort you'd find 'at the Club' with squeaky leather armchairs), part up-market cafe, part Parisian salon. She made her dream a reality for 18 short months before the challenges of retail began to bite. The bookshop interior was beautiful, the wrapping paper direct from the Bodleian Library in the UK, the coffee superb ... but the books just weren't selling. The name of the shop gave customers the impression that books could be borrowed - and somehow this surprised Annette. A nice little memoir for a weekend read.

I give this 3/5 Not bad!
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Reviewed by Julie @ Wendouree

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