Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre

Vernon Gregory Little has secrets, but none of them - or so he assumes - have anything to do with the recent massacre of 16 students at his high school. This novel depicts simple humanity in a complex world and poses questions about culpability and priorities in a hypocritical, media-saturated world.

Only a few members of the Book club felt that this book deserved completion. Perhaps not every one's cup of tea, Those who did read the entire story attempted to convince the group that the outcome is well worth it... here are some comments -

"Attempted to read it twice"

"Doing the washing was more interesting"

"Very hardwork. Weird sense of humour, which in parts is funny but the characters are just strange"

"Not recommended - YUK!"

and finally...

"Dark comedy,dysfunctional characters which made me want to give up by the middle. The last"act" is really worthwhile, so hang in there because all will be revealed!

I don't know about you, but a book that has generated this much feeling must have something to it, so I am taking a copy home today.

Rating - I give this 2/5

Nothing Special

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