Friday, April 17, 2009

The Nest by Paul Jennings

Robin’s life is spiraling out of control. His father’s a tyrant, his mother’s disappeared and the wrong girl's luring him into her web...

Intolerable images keep flashing through his head. What does Robin really know about his past? Are there clues in his own writing? And what secrets lie within the frozen forest?

Paul Jennings’ first novel for older readers is a stunning and original network of crossing trails which combine to tell the dark, tense and ultimately uplifting story of a boy who dares to stare into the spider holes of his own mind (from the publisher).

I loved his books when I was growing up, the humour, the outrageous and eeriness, so I thought I would give this one a try. The Nest is told with a touch of quirkiness that is in all of his books, and is told in two ways - from Robin's perspective, and then through stories that he has written that give a little more about the character with each one. One aspect of it I found predictable, but otherwise it made for interesting reading.
Rating - I give this 3.5/5 Not bad!

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Reviewed by Michelle @ admin

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