Thursday, April 16, 2009

Since Otar Left (DVD)

A beautiful French film about life in post-Soviet Georgia in the capital Tbilisi. A family of three women share an apartment in Tbilisi. Mother Eta, daughter Marina and grand-daughter Ada. Eta's son Otar is living and working illegally in Paris. Eta dotes on her son and waits eagerly for his letters. When Otar is not heard from for some time Eta decides to go to Paris to find him. She sells her valuables and buys 3 tickets to Paris. The family sets off to Paris and the search begins. Unknown to Eta Otar has died and Marina has decided to keep this from her mother. The acting is 1st class of all the women and beautifully developed. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this film. An interesting look at post-Soviet life.
Rating - I give this 5/5
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Reviewed by Judy@ home

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