Friday, September 17, 2010

Twi vs. Potter? - 3rd place in the Children's Book Week review competition

JK Rowling

Harry Potter is a series about a young boy who life and his future has been kept to secret to him and replace by lies. He has always been different for the other kids and always treated like he was never there or he never belong anywhere. But soon mysterious letters have been coming for everywhere. The uncle and Unite moved in fear but why nothing made senses to Harry. But when he is rescued from the lie that his uncle and unite came and become find out that he is enrolled at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. The next seven years of his life is learning how to do the imposable, making friendships that will last a lifetime and defeating in the end his greatest emery Lord Voldemort.

My thoughts

I love every second of reading this series. It was full of everything romances, comedy action you named it had it. J.K.Rowling was very clever coming up with all these different words and all the names of the spells. It is really interesting seeing Harry, Ron and Hermione grow up though the seven books. It felt like you had just fallen into another world where anything you dream of can come true. It has lots of feeling towards the book. Also it is written so beautifully that you can actually feel what Harry, Ron and Hermione are feeling all across seven books. It is very rare thing to find a book that you can’t give a bad word about it. The Harry potter book has inspired a new why of reading and creative. These books are full with imagination had cannot be copied at all. The books are very unique how they create a world where wizards and witches live. I think it is very clever how J.K.Rowling create the character you feel like they are right in front of you when you are reading. Whenever Harry is in danger or any of his friends you are on the edgy of you seat you can feel you heart beating harder each second. It makes you never want to put the book down because you don’t want to miss any bit of the action. These books make you feel like the world around you is a lie and the real world is in the book. That how realistic the book real when you read it. Always when you put the book down it is you mind “what will happen to Harry how he will get you out of this one?” The books are very addicted. But I think the best bit about the Harry Potter books is how much feel it has to it. How you can always feel what the character are feeling. How the book is full with love make you always feel good afterwards that is one of the reasons why is so addicted. It makes you feel like the imposable is happening.

Which one is better?

Both books are fantastic how they drew their readers in but I felt like one made you fall in the world of where anything can happen. But both books are wonderful it was nearly imposable to pick but no one can go past Harry Potter. Both series have been beautiful written but Harry Potter that that feeling that you couldn’t go pass. Both books brought out a smile, a tear or even a laugh. But Harry Potter makes you feel like you have just entered the world where anything can happen.

Rating - I give this 9.8/10


Reviewed by Geena - aged 13

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