Friday, September 17, 2010

“Fairest” by Gail Carson Lavine - 2nd Place in the Children's Book Week review competition

Having been abandoned at an inn as a baby, Aza was adopted by the owner. She was thought ugly with her pale skin, blood red lips and big build. Aza had an unusual skill she called ‘illusing’. She could impersonate any sound or voice and project it from wherever she chose.

A series of unexpected events sees Aza accompanying the Duchess of Olixo to the royal wedding. Unbeknown to the whole of the kingdom (where singing was one of the most powerful and important skills) the new Queen Ivi cannot sing!! When she discovers what Aza can do, she blackmails her to ‘illuse’ for her and appoints her to the position of lady-in-waiting.

King Oscaro becomes very sick and the brand new Queen makes a mess of running Ayortha. Ivi is hiding darker secret than that she cannot sing and Aza finds herself in the middle of an evil plot.

The author Gail Carson Lavine, knows how to spin her words in a way that keeps you wanting more! The charming prince, the secrets of the Queen, ogres, gnomes, twists and turns in every direction make up the nail biting chapters.

“Fairest” is definitely worth a read.

Reviewed by Naomi - aged 15

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