Friday, September 17, 2010

A small free kiss in the dark by Glenda Millard - 1st Place in the Children's Book Week Review Competition

Well. I’ll begin by saying that; I read this book because of:

a) My mum’s a librarian and she gave it to me

b) And I hadn’t read a book for ages and this one looked GREATLY GREAT.

The novel: - ‘A small free kiss in the dark’ is about five unlikely people who come together after a major catastrophe where they need each other in order to survive.

The first thing I noticed and liked about the novel was the intricate detail that drew my attention to the environment- this special young boy’s surroundings. I liked the way he – Skip, would take in little things; like light and shadow.

I also loved how we got big details as the novel progressed. (Like the character, Tia’s age – I see, that if we knew her age at the beginning we would be prejudiced and we would not look at her character the same way we do as we read the novel. And we would not have taken to all the things she was good at, so readily.)

I also liked the character of Billy and his part in the healing of both Skip’s and Max’s conditions in that world. Like, if we heard of two young boys being picked up by a homeless old man in our real world, we would be horribly outspoken – and the man would be frowned on by society for ‘daring’ to do such a thing. Yet in this story it is obvious that it is his contribution to their lives that keeps them alive! And the fact that because they (Billy and Skip) were scavengers and had to forage to survive contributed greatly to all of this group being able to survive.

I also liked how in the book Glenda (the author) never gave any details of the war, it was just some impending danger and stupidity, and that it affected even those people who knew literally nothing about it. The mention that there is a “third side of war” in this novel is an interesting idea. Also I really enjoyed the setting of the funpark; it immediately conjured up Luna Park in my imagination. The symbolic ending to the novel was heart warming. I connected with all of the characters and I really enjoyed the book.

Rating - I give this 4.3/5


Reviewed by Liam - aged 15

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