Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The young Victoria (DVD)

Concentrating on the early years of the reign of Britain's longest-reigning monarch when she was young, hopeful and lovely, this DVD is just gorgeous.
The locations are picturesque, the costumes are exquisite and the performances excellent - particularly those of Emily Blunt as the young girl who became Britain's longest-reigning monarch, Rupert Friend as her German cousin, Albert, the love of her life and Paul Bettany as the subtly scheming Lord Melbourne.
The Girls Rule OK thread that runs through the story is so satisfying , with the young princess - who succeeded to the throne when she was 18 years old - caught in a struggle for power and determined to rule her kingdom and the love story of Victoria and Albert is - well, lovely. The young girl who is initially under the thumb of her scheming mother and her mother's ambitious advisor grows into a woman who knows her own mind, to the extent of throwing a few hissy fits when Albert tries to help out.
This is one with the lot - intrigue, drama, tragedy, happiness and of course those costumes. What a winner.

Rating - I give this 5/5
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Reviewed by Jan @ Ballarat branch

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