Saturday, February 14, 2009

The gentle art of domesticity, by Jane Brocket

Jane Brocket delights in domesticity. Lively, curious and creative, she takes inspiration from her surroundings, from art, literature and nature and, through the gentle arts of knitting, baking and sewing, enhances her family life. From angora cushions to gingerbread houses, from crochet blankets to geometric quilts, she injects her home with colour, beauty and fun. The result is a gorgeous, unusual and inspirational commonplace book, full of wit, whimsy and stunning photographs. Jane's fresh and thoughtful take on life will make you look at the world with new eyes. Whether you want to emulate her hand-knitted socks and colourful cupcakes or simply share her pleasure in life's small details, you will delight in the glorious synthesis of craft, style and intellectual pleasures. The Gentle Art of Domesticity is a heavenly feast, celebrating everything that is wonderful about life.

This book deserves all of the above superlatives - I love it! Forget the housework, curl up with this book and indulge in its celebration of all that's warm and fuzzy and wonderful about home life, when time allows and inspiration strikes. Multi-talented Jane (she's a quilter and knitter as well as a writer) invites readers into her home and her life as friends, shares some great stories and recipes and spices it all up with zingy colour and superb photographs. A wonderful book about small pleasures that are so often taken for granted.

Rating - I give this 5/5 GREAT!!

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Reviewed by Jan @ Ballarat Library

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