Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Somebody's Crying by Maureen McCarthy

"'G'day mate!'"Tom half-recognises the voice but after a quick whirr his stagnant brain cells are unable to place it."'Yeah?' he says cautiously."'It's me!' The voice is way too friendly. 'Jonno?'"Tom's whole body goes rigid. He slumps against the wall and slowly slides to the floor, squatting with one arm curled around his head, just as though he were warding off a monster or a pack of thugs. You owe this guy ..., the words ring through his head as clear as church bells. Tom Mullaney, you owe this guy big time ... "Maureen McCarthy is an expert at depicting families and friends, and in this book she creates intensely real characters that draw the reader deeply into a world of suspicion, guilt, love and redemption. - From the Publisher

I really liked this book, it was set in Warnambool, the characters were all interesting and Maureen McCarthy does a great job and hooking the reader...I couldn't put the book down because I needed to find out what was going to happen!

Rating - I give this 4/5

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Reviewed by Tara @ Library Admin

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