Monday, April 18, 2011

Eliza's Gift by Rachael Herron

When Abigail Durant inherits a cottage from her friend, the world famous knitting guru Eliza Carpenter, she sees it as her chance to start anew after the terrifying end of her last relationship. Only problem is, the cottage is slap-bang in the middle of a sheep ranch owned by Cade MacArthur, Eliza's tall, dark and infuriating nephew. Cade's a man's man, a cowboy through and through, and he's none too pleased there's now a young - albeit very pretty - woman living on his property. And that's before she tells him she plans to turn her new home into a knitting shop. With battlelines drawn, city girl and cowboy go head to head. But soon, with the sexual chemistry fizzing between them, both start to question the real nature of Eliza's gift... (from the publisher).
Who would've thought you could combine cowboys and craft? Well, it works! This is one of those "will they or won't they?" chicklit's. Set in the Californian country side, the story takes a little persevering although once hooked, you cannot put it down.
If you are an animal lover and can get past the knitting jargon, "How to Knit a Love Song" (the American title) is an enjoyable, feel-good romance.

Rating - I give this 4/5 GREAT!!
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