Friday, March 26, 2010

The Blood Detective by Dan Waddell

As dawn breaks over London, the body of a young man is discovered in a windswept Notting Hill churchyard and the killer has left DCI Grant Foster a cryptic clue. However it’s not until the clue is handed to Nigel Barnes, a specialist in compiling family trees, that the message becomes spine-chillingly clear. It leads Barnes back to 1879 – and the victim of an infamous Victorian serial killer. When a second body is discovered, Foster needs Barnes’ skills more than ever. The murderer’s clues run along the tangled bloodlines that lie between 1879 and now. And if Barnes is right about his blood-history, the killing spree has only just begun...(from the publisher).
Not a bad book at all, demonstrating that the past is still part of the present. Just be mindful of who your ancestors were and what they got up to! This was Dan's first novel, and has a second one out titled Blood Atonement that features Barnes again. Will be reading that one soon...
Rating - I give this 4/5 Not bad!
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