Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fabulous food, minus the boombah: by Jane Kennedy

Funny lady Jane Kennedy loves cooking and eating but not the results of eating anything she wants. After having five children in six years and trying all sorts of fad diets in an attempt to shift excess weight, she developed her own recipes. They sound scrumptious and better still, come without the boombah: in Kennedy's parlance, the "word to describe food that makes your arse huge."
There's something for every occasion in this book, whether it's a family meal at home, something snatched on the run or entertaining. Recipes range from the simple - frittatas, baked eggs wrapped in bacon,roasted beetroot or red pepper soup- to the sublime, such as barbecued quail with lime, swordfish with capsicum relish or seared beef fillet with chilli, ginger, radish and soy. Desserts are fresh and fruity. Yum! Kennedy believes 'you need food you can look forward to' and there is plenty to look forward to in this lavishly illustrated, engaging book.
Rating - I give this 5/5
Reviewed by Jan@ Ballarat branch

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