Friday, January 29, 2010

Vegie Patch by Alan Buckingham

Completely and authoritatively adapted for Australian conditions and Australian gardens. How to grow fruit and veg all year round in your very own vegie patch. For tasty, delicious fruit and veg that hasn’t travelled halfway around the world, you can’t beat home grown produce from your own vegie patch. Here’s how to ensure your plot provides fresh, healthy food all year round. Easy-to-follow advice on what to do in your vegie patch and how to do it. Pick up time saving tips and techniques on everything from pruning to dealing with pests. There’s clear guidance on when to sow, plant, and harvest for excellent results (from the publisher).
I'd been searching for some time for a book like this, something that suited the Australian climate and an easy, yet comprehensive what-to-do-and-when. The chapters are month by month and covers everything from where to plant to how to store your produce.
Rating - I give this 4/5 GREAT!!
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