Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Truth by Peter Temple

"At the close of a long day, Inspector Stephen Villani stands in the bathroom of a luxury apartment high above the city. In the glass bath, a young woman lies dead, a panic button within reach. Villani's life is his work. It is his identity, his calling, his touchstone. But now, over a few sweltering summer days, as fires burn across the state and his superiors and colleagues scheme and jostle, he finds all the certainties of his life are crumbling. Truth is a novel about a man, a family, a city. It is about violence, murder, love, corruption, honour and deceit. And it is about truth. "
The publisher's blurb sums up this book so well - not always the case. It's edgy, it's hard-hitting and it's a darned good read - worth the wait for all Temple fans who have been awaiting this sequel to The Broken Shore.
Rating - I give this 4/5
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Reviewed by Jan @ Ballarat branch.


Saraphen said...

Absolutely brilliant!
Gritty Melbourne crime that gets stuck on the soul(sic.)of your shoes.

Anonymous said...

What a fine, fine read. The mood in The Truth is wonderful. I think Temple is better at setting a mood than Graham Green. Temple is just getting better and better.
I'm so disappointed I've finished the book.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of Peter Temple and have thoroughly enjoyed evey book he's published, a couple of times through in some cases. That is, I'm sorry to say until his latest book, Truth. I just wasn't drawn into this one, maybe due to a lack of his usual wit, and also the very human side which has always come through in his treatment of characters. It was definately a gritty novel, which I love, but I felt it needed more than just this.