Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

A deliciously funny novella that celebrates the pleasure of reading. When the Queen in pursuit of her wandering corgis stumbles upon a mobile library she feels duty bound to borrow a book. Aided by Norman, a young man from the palace kitchen who frequents the library, Bennett describes the Queen's transformation as she discovers the liberating pleasures of the written word. With the poignant and mischievous wit of The History Boys, England's best loved author revels in the power of literature to change even the most uncommon reader's life.
This novella from Alan Bennett was a real little gem! I feel totally vindicated describing myself as an avid reader because if it's good enough for the Queen - it's good enough for me! Lots of deliciously sly humour.

Rating - I give this 4/5
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Reviewed by Sarah@ Hamilton library

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Jan said...

This book was my Christmas gift to myself; it's a real gem. Alan Bennett is such a wonderful writer.