Friday, February 25, 2011

Emma's baby, by Abbie Taylor

Young single mum Emma loves her little boy Ritchie, but life is so hard that sometimes she wishes he would disappear. Isolated, with no support and little money, she confesses to her GP that she wants to throw him under a train. So when Ritchie is kidnapped by a helpful stranger, the police are at first suspicious that Emma has harmed him and do little to help. The only person who seems to believe her is a stranger called Rafe, who promises to do everything he can to help Emma find her son. But will they find him?
First-time novelist Abbie Taylor has written a suspensful story with plenty of twists and lots of action. As a doctor, she has probably seen many patients just like Emma - and hopefully is better at dispensing sympathy and diagnosing post-natal depression than Emma's doctors are. She tells Emma's story with such empathy that I felt I was there with her, experiencing her loneliness and helplessness, her miserable surroundings her constant doubting of herself as a good mother and the small joys of her life. I'm looking forward to Taylor's next book.
Rating - I give this 4/5
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Reviewed by Jan @ Ballarat branch

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