Friday, July 16, 2010

Wildhorse Creek by Kerry McGinnis

Young Billy Martin runs from home, burying his past in the quest for a future. He finds it in Queensland's spectacular Gulf Country, on the sprawling cattle runs. The Gulf breeds tough men, and Billy is quickly drawn to the excitement and adventure of working with the fiery cattleman and ex-con, Blake Reilly, and his daughter, Jo. Billy finds mateship, danger and romance in the Gulf, but he also finds an untamed land with a history of violence. In the brooding heat and unpredictable storms, the future he had sought unfolds - in ways as turbulent and unexpected as the country itself - and Billy discovers a place where he can at last belong (from the publisher).
Started out interesting, and there was a build-up of tension over a rather nasty character and his antics, but I felt a little let down with the ending. The setting was made to sound beautiful and harsh all at the same time, which is what I imagine this part of the country must be like.
Rating - I give this 3/5 Not bad...
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Reviewed by Michelle @ admin

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