Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The aloha quilt, by Jennifer Chiaverini

In this latest in her oh-so-popular elm Creek Quilts series, Jennifer Chiaverini takes one of her characters, and her readers, to Hawaii.
Bonnie Markham faces a bleak and lonely winter, with her quilt shop out of business and divorce from her philandering and embittered husband looming. Enter her old college friend, Claire, who invites her to Hawaii to help launch a quilters' retreat. The beautiful scenery, the history both of Hawaii and its unique style of quilting and the challenges of the new business and new relationships help ease Bonnie's heartache, but where does she really belong?
Chiaverini's books are addictive and I'm sure appeal not just to quilters, although the information and quilting history she imparts are a bonus. Her characters are not always likeable, but each seems like someone we may have met along the way. And while her books are an enjoyable, easy read, tales of family and friendship and love and community, they often deal with difficult issues - in this case, marriages in jeopardy and unexpected changes of life and circumstances. The aloha quilt is a tale of quilts, yes, but also a tale of many people, each with a story to tell. Oh, and lots and lots of sunshine and pineapple.
Rating - I give this 4/5
Not bad!
Reviewed by Jan @ Ballarat branch

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