Friday, December 11, 2009

The Five Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly

IT BEGAN WITH SIX STONES. Jack West Jr and his loyal team are in desperate disarray: they've been separated, their mission is in tatters, and Jack was last seen plummeting down a fathomless abyss. IT FINISHES HERE. After surviving his deadly fall, Jack must now race against his many enemies to locate and set in place the remaining pieces of The Machine before the coming Armageddon. WHO ARE THE FIVE WARRIORS? As the world teeters on the brink of destruction, he will learn of the Five Warriors, the individuals who throughout history have been most intimately connected to his quest. OCEANS WILL RISE, CITIES WILL FALL. Scores will be settled, fathers will fight sons, brothers will battle brothers, and Jack and his friends will soon find out exactly what the end of the world looks like... (from the publisher).
Another action packed, seemingly impossible death-defying escapes, and baddies-wanting-to-kill-goodies, great fun book. The Jack West Jr books, while they still make for a must-keep-reading sort of book, somehow lack some of the magic that is to be found with Reilly's other popular hero, the Scarecrow.
Rating - I give this 4/5 Not bad!
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