Thursday, August 27, 2009

Only in New York. How I Took Manhattan (with the kids) by Caroline Overington

Most journalists would crawl over broken glass to secure the glittering prize of being a foreign correspondent in New York. Caroline Overington is understandably over the moon about her plum posting, but there's a problem (or two). New York is a great playground for grown-ups, but is the crowded skyscraper capital of the world a good place to live when you're raising toddler twins. As her mother says, "Are you mad?"

Caroline took the challenge on and in 2004, headed off for a three year stint in New York with her two year old twins and her husband in tow. Unable to work legally, her husband made the switch to primary child-carer while Caroline became full-time money-earner for the family. This book is really more about her family's experiences adjusting to a culture they expected to find familiar but didn't, than about her journalistic adventures. (She is a Walkley Award winner). Still, it was very enjoyable and funny. If you can't live in exotic locations yourself, you might as well read about others doing it!

Rating - I give this 4/5 Not bad!

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