Friday, June 12, 2009

Mistaken Identity by Don and Susie Van Ryn, and Newell, Collen and Whitney Cerak

An unprecedented true story of how a fatal road accident united two families in a process of grief and healing. Out of one of the strangest cases of mistaken identity came a celebration of hope and faith and of life's unfathomable gifts and mysteries (from the publisher).
It is hard to believe that in this day and age, some people involved in accidents are not identified properly. It is also hard to comprehend that one family did not realise who was lying in front of them. In this story, one family buried their daughter, while another never left their daughter's side while she was in a coma and assisted with her rehabilitation for 5 weeks. It was that long before it was realised that a terrible case of mistaken identity had taken place. This is an interesting read as the families tell what they went through and how their faith never seemed to waive during such an unimaginable time.
Rating - I give this 3/5 Not bad!

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